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Self-storage prices

Here are details of the self storage prices at Safe N Stored with Hamiltons Removals in Harleston, Norfolk, according to the size of unit required.

Storage rooms are available from as little as £15.00 per week (including VAT).

Payment for our secure storage rooms can be made by Visa or MasterCard, or alternatively a standing order can be set up. Each storage room can be booked for a minimum of one month period or for as long as you require.

Rest assured, under our self-storage you will only be charged for the period that your goods are in store. Therefore if you have paid for the month ahead, but move out early, you will be refunded for the un-used days, subject to the notice period. When you are moving out, we require one months’ notice which needs to be in writing (email / letter / fax).

Storage Room Sizes

Our storage rooms range from 25 square feet (similar to the size of two double wardrobes) to 200 square feet (similar to the size of a double garage), allowing you to choose the right size for your needs.

The items that you are storing will also help to decide the size of the self storage room that you require. For example, if the items can be stacked, you will be able to opt for a smaller room and utilise all of the available space. On the other hand, if your items are large and bulky, you may not be able to stack them as easily. However, if you need storage for small but fragile items, you may benefit from purchasing shelving from us, to allow you to use as much space as possible within your room.

Our size estimator will assist you in deciding what size room will best suit your needs, or alternatively please feel free to pop up and see us, to look at the local storage units available. As an expert storage company, we will of course also be happy to offer our advice.

self-storage room prices

Room sizes (approx) and cost per month (inc VAT)

25 sq ft unit (199 cu ft) 2.515m x 1.5m x 2.5m high £65.18
35 sq ft unit (280 cu ft) 3.521m x 1.5m x 2.5m high £97.79
50 sq ft unit (375 cu ft) 5.014m x 3m x 2.5m high £119.50
75 sq ft unit (615 cu ft) 7.524m x 3m x 2.5m high £135.78
100 sq ft unit (750 cu ft) 10.028m x 3m x 2.5m high £168.37
125 sq ft unit (1025 cu ft) 12.368m x 3m x 2.5m high £217.28
200 sq ft unit (1650 cu ft) 20.063m x 2.9m x 2.5m high £336.74
Prices From £15 Per Week
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what happy customers are saying...

I needed a self-storage room local to the family business, and this is perfect!

David Betts
Pulham St Mary

Absolutely great! So near and handy, I can store all my archives.

Rachel Williams

So much more secure than my garage lock up, and so accessible.

Ryan Goulding

About Safe N Stored

Safe N Stored has 20 years experience of providing secure storage facilities for commercial containers and have been at our current depot in Harleston, Norfolk for 10 years. Increasingly, our clients want their effects to be readily accessible as and when they require, and so we are proud to announce our new secure self storage facility for use by personal and business customers in south Norfolk and north Suffolk.