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The Best Countries to Move to in 2023

There are signs that the international removals market is starting to thrive again after two years of uncertainty. Global media company Forbes expects demand to be more in line with pre-pandemic levels as coronavirus restrictions are eased and supply chains get back to normal, and the increase in working from home means fewer people are tied down to a conventional workspace.

Here Hamiltons Removals, an East Anglia removal firm, look at which countries are likely to be the most attractive to move to in the months ahead.


This European country (pictured above) tops the latest United Nations’ Human Development Index and also scores highly in the Gallup World Happiness Index. The former uses a variety of metrics such as healthcare and life expectancy, the cost of living, exports and imports, internet availability and crime rates, and the latter focuses more on what matters to individuals.

If you are interested in home moves to Switzerland, the country scores highly for health and life expectancy (82 years for men, and just under 86 for women). And, although the cost of living is high, so are salaries and the average wealth per person. The economy is also extremely sound (particularly in the financial services sector) and unemployment is extremely low.


This country makes the top 10 of the UN survey and also the US News and World Report’s annual survey, which surveyed more than 17,000 people around the world and uses 76 different indicators.

As with Switzerland, it scores highly on economic grounds. Both telecoms and tourism thrive here, and it is one of the economic powerhouses of the EU (along with France), so many people are interested in international removals to Germany for work reasons.

It also has an excellent public sector, particularly in health and education. More than 95% of the population has received some form of post-graduate schooling or university classes, which are all free.

The Netherlands

This country is in the top 10 of all three surveys and reports. Although it is quite densely populated, the Netherlands is a very tolerant country with liberal attitudes to same-sex marriage (it was the first country to legalise it) and LGBTQ+ rights. Political stability, a strong economy and excellent public healthcare and education services mean it’s an attractive country to move to.


This country scores highly in the US News survey, particularly for being a safe place to live. There is a strong, heavy-industry-based economy (including mining, oil, food and high-tech sectors) allied to a strong service sector.

If you are interested in removals to Canada, the report also notes, that like the Netherlands, it is a very progressive place to live. The country scores well on all environmental criteria and men and women are treated as legal equals.

New Zealand

This country makes the top 10 of both the US News report and the World Happiness Index. Although it has a strong economy, New Zealanders put great stress on a healthy work-life balance. This means they have plenty of sporting activities close at hand, as well as many national parks.

And, although you may not need it, healthcare in the country is either free or low-cost provided you have a work visa which is valid for two years or more. Like Canada, there is also no language barrier if you are moving from the UK.

Moving with Hamiltons Removals, an East Anglia Removal Firm

Here at Hamiltons Removals, we can help you with moves to Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand.

They don’t have to be domestic moves either, as we can move your business too (and will be able to offer an excellent package if you want to move your employees as well). We can either offer a dedicated service, where you have the sole use of your own shipping container; a groupage option, where you share a container with other consignments, or we can send smaller items via air freight.

We can also pack your items for you and help you with any customs requirements, as well as transport them to your destination, and don’t worry if you have any large items such as vehicles or machinery, as we are highly experienced in moving these as well.

To kickstart the whole process, we offer video surveys and online quotes. You can also contact us directly on 01379 855203.

Key Reasons for Commercial Moves

Almost half of all mid-to-large businesses are looking to relocate over the next 18 months, a survey by the British Property Federation suggests. Given that there are more than 40,000 businesses in the UK with more than 50 employees, that’s a lot of machinery, equipment and staff to shift. Here Hamiltons Removals, who provide high-quality commercial removals from their base in Norfolk, identify some of the key reasons why.

To Expand…

This used to be the principal reason why companies moved, because their existing premises didn’t have the physical space needed any longer. This may be because they need to take on more employees, or to install new machinery or high-tech equipment (perhaps to fulfil a new contract). Sometimes taking on more staff necessitates bigger premises, even if there are enough desks because you may have to consider other factors such as canteens, parking spaces, etc.

…Or to Downsize

These days many companies are looking to move to smaller premises (a trend also identified in the British Property Federation survey), which was compiled with the law firm Gowling WLG.

The increasing use of technology means that less physical floor space is required in many workplaces (fewer people are needed, and the technology that is needed is smaller than it used to be).

The increasing advent of people working from home, prompted by the pandemic, is another factor. According to the Office of National Statistics, more than eight out of every 10 employees who started doing this because of the coronavirus plan to carry on the practice (usually via hybrid working, part at home/part in the office) even though restrictions have been lifted. Businesses cannot afford to pay for unused space, particularly when it comes to the costs of heating and lighting.

Access to New Markets – and New Employees

Market research may indicate a business may be better off elsewhere, closer to a bigger pool of potential clients (who may be closer) and less expensive employees (depending on a region or country’s rules on factors such as a minimum wage).

There may also be planning factors to take into consideration (for example, if there are financial incentives for moving into an Enterprise Zone), or regulations (or taxes) have been relaxed in a particular area.

Increased transport costs are another factor in recent business moves, report the ONS, so you need to be close to your supply chain or where your customers are. In international terms, some UK businesses have chosen to relocate part of their operations overseas because of the effects of Brexit, including Dyson, Honda, and The Body Shop.

Closer to home, in the UK there are now various ‘tech corridors’ in East Anglia, many of them alongside the A14, between Norfolk and Suffolk. The common denominator is Cambridge, where digital businesses have grown up close to a university city renowned for its scientific and technological expertise.

The city itself is too small to accommodate much expansion, so the businesses are located in the Cambridge Science Park or alongside the nearest major trunk road (the A14), which has links to Ipswich, Felixstowe and from there into Europe. Moving into this region may also offer the chance of employing some of the brightest minds the country has to offer who have graduated from the university.

New, Purpose-Built Facilities

Sometimes businesses move out because their facilities are tired and outdated. It may not be worth investing the extra money (for example, for reasons of health and safety) and it may be more cost-effective to move.

Alternatively, it may be a question of coming to the end of a lease and doing some research into other facilities and finding that you can get a better deal elsewhere. There’s also the added benefit of giving a morale boost to your existing workforce (or attracting new ones) – happy employees tend to be more productive.

Quality of life may be another factor which will affect employees. For instance, if it’s a move from a city location to a more rural one. New premises may also be more sustainable or energy-efficient.  

Commercial Removals from Norfolk-based Hamiltons Removals

Whatever reason you want to move for, Hamiltons Removals can help get you to your new location. We offer a comprehensive commercial removals service, and not just to our home county of Norfolk, but across the UK.

We can help with international removals from the UK too, to countries in Europe, to the USA and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand. This applies to moving businesses as well as domestic moves. We can also move larger items, such as vehicles, tractors and machinery as part of our specialist services.

To learn more about our commercial removals, follow this link. There’s a form on the page you can fill in if you want to make any specific enquiries.