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Key Advantages of Using a Dedicated Caravan Storage Site

Over the past few weeks, many of the UK’s caravans have disappeared from our roads thanks to the summer holidays coming to an end. But where is the best place to put them during the off-season? Here Hamiltons Removals, who offer a variety of storage facilities in the heart of East Anglia, look at the advantages of using a dedicated site.  

Better Security

This is probably the biggest advantage of using a dedicated storage site. You can be sure that it will be kept safe and secure, and, in the very unlikely event of anyone breaking in and stealing it. Most sites have CCTV so the perpetrators should be caught.

This is in contrast with leaving it outside your home as you won’t be able to keep an eye on it around the clock (for instance at night and when you go to work). And, even if you have got your own alarm system it probably won’t be as speedy or efficient as that offered by a specialist site.

In short, you’ll have much greater peace of mind. In addition, you can leave your caravan there whenever it’s not in use, and not necessarily just during the winter months.

The Legal Situation

Some properties have covenants on their deeds which explicitly rule out keeping a mobile home outside. Also, some residents’ parking schemes, admittedly in more built-up areas, may also rule out keeping caravans in designated spaces. You should therefore check your deeds and potential parking scheme rules carefully. With a dedicated site no such problems arise.

Keeping in With the Neighbours

Some neighbours may not be happy with such a large vehicle being kept close to their own property. This is because it may attract criminals who see it as an easy target (and they may look round neighbouring properties at the same time). Many properties have limited parking space outside too, meaning a caravan can easily take up a neighbour’s space potentially causing issues. Keeping your caravan on a specialist site means it won’t be the source of any neighbourly arguments.

A Proper Surface

It may be tempting, if you don’t have enough room on your driveway or on the road outside, to put it on the lawn or another grassed (or uneven) area. This should be avoided because heavy rain can mean the caravan can be hard to move and it could get stuck in the resulting mud.

A hard surface is always better (although you should always move it every few weeks to prevent long-term damage to the tyres). There’s also the health of the grass to consider as well. As a result, quality storage sites should always offer a hard surface to park your caravan on.

The Financial Benefits

Your insurance policy premium for the caravan should be lower if your vehicle is stored at a dedicated site because of the better security. This should offset at least some of the storage costs. However, most importantly, you will avoid any of the stress and sorrow of losing either your caravan or some of the items within it.

Easy Access

Good storage sites should always combine high-quality security with ease of access for owners. This means you can visit as often as you want to check on your vehicle, and to move it in or out as required. It’s also particularly useful if you have a trusted storage area close by.

Storage Facilities in East Anglia from Hamiltons Removals

At our Aldeby site, we offer self storage rental which is ideal for caravanners in Diss, Harleston, and neighbouring areas of south Norfolk and Suffolk who are looking for somewhere to store their vehicle. It’s also possible to store a boat or motorhome as well as a caravan.

The site has a secure keypad entry system, as well as 24-hour CCTV. All the vehicles are stored on hard surfaces and you can leave it with us for a day, a week, a month or a whole season.

We are also members of the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA), who only give this accreditation to sites that meet their high standards, particularly in the area of security.

Remember, we also offer other storage facilities too. Our Harleston Safe N Stored site has a range of units that are ideal for keeping smaller items safe and secure. It’s also the home of our packing materials business, where we offer a range of high-quality materials which can be used for storage or in house moves.

For more information about any of our storage facilities, you can also call us directly on 01379 855203.

Key Reasons to Move Your Business to Norfolk

Norfolk is one of the biggest counties in England; according to the latest figures, it’s home to more than 30,000 businesses who employ more than 300,000 members of staff. However, there is still plenty of scope for new arrivals to join one of the most diverse economies in the UK.

Hamiltons Removals, who can help with all types of Norfolk commercial removals, look at why the county is such an attractive place for companies to move to and operate from.

The Transport Links

Although Norfolk doesn’t have a motorway, it still benefits from the dualled A11 towards London, while the A47 provides access to the Midlands. The A14 in neighbouring Suffolk goes all the way from Birmingham to the UK’s busiest container port, Felixstowe.

In addition, the Norwich to London mainline rail service will get you to the capital in around two hours. And Norwich International Airport, just outside the city, runs regular flights to Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and other European destinations. The airport also sustains an economy all by itself, with an aviation academy, pilot training, helicopter flights to North Sea oil rigs and is also one of the homes of the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

The Skills Base

Norwich is the home of the University of East Anglia, the associated Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, as well as the separate Norwich University of the Arts. This has produced a generation of well-educated and talented young people, especially in Sciences and the Arts, many of whom opt to stay on in the county after their graduation.

This means the county has benefited from centres of excellence such as the John Innes Centre, which specialises in plant science, genetics and microbiology, and the Norwich Research Park, on the western side of the city.

The Space

There is still plenty of space in Norfolk, which is good for businesses which want to expand. It’s relatively close to London – near enough to be convenient, but not so close that it has the same daily operating costs.

The fact there’s plenty of room also helps improve the quality of life for any employees who may be uncertain about moving here – the North Norfolk coast, which includes resorts such as Cromer, Sheringham and Wells-next-the-Sea, is famous across the UK. House prices are still well below London levels, if staff are worried about moving from the capital.

The Mix of Businesses

As well as the life sciences and agri-tech cluster of businesses, there are also a range of other sectors which are important to the county’s economy. These include energy – as well as the North Sea oil and gas fields, there are also number of offshore solar wind farms.

Much of Norfolk is still given over to arable farmland, with sugar beet, wheat, barley and oil seed rape the principal crops. North Norfolk also has a thriving seafood business – with Cromer crabs a famed delicacy.

All these businesses help and support other areas of the county’s economy – it’s all interconnected – and they all need suppliers as well as customers. Norfolk benefits from an annual influx of visitors who help make the county’s tourist economy worth around £3billion a year; this means there’s always plenty of people to buy your products or services, whatever they are.

The Back-Up for Businesses

Norfolk and the neighbouring county of Suffolk are both covered by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. The two counties have been designated a strategic economic zone, and the LEP works with businesses, schools and colleges, and local authorities to provide a range of support and initiatives which will benefit all sectors of the economy.  

There are several other potential sources of support for start-ups and businesses looking to move into the area. These include area-specific organisations such as Foundation East, and the national Regional Growth Loan Scheme. Both of these provide loans and grants to SMEs.

There are more traditional sources of help, such as the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, as well as smaller Chambers focused on individual towns and districts. All provide valuable help and networking opportunities for businesses.

Norfolk Commercial Removals with Hamiltons Removals

Wherever you want to move to in Norfolk, Hamiltons can help get you there. We can help with commercial removals to all parts of the county – not just the major centres such as King’s Lynn and Norwich, but any of the towns and villages including Cromer, Sheringham and Burnham Market on the coast, Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads, and Wymondham further south.

We are a local, family-run firm and can carry out office removals, equipment and computer removals and also offer business storage, not just to Norfolk but all parts of the UK and overseas – for more information follow this link. And, as experts in house removals to Norfolk (and further afield) we will be able to help with any associated employee moves as well.

Fill in the online form on the page and we will get back to you; you can also call us on 01379 855203 if you have any questions.