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Key Differences if You Are Moving to New Zealand or Australia

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most popular countries to move to, particularly from the UK, but there are some important distinctions between the two nations. Here Hamiltons Removals, who can help with house removals to Australia and New Zealand, highlight some of the key differences.

The Flags

Both national flags are similar but with some subtle differences. – both have the British union flag in the top left corner signifying the close links both have to the UK and the Commonwealth.

However, Australia’s flag, above right, has six white stars, and New Zealand’s (above left) four red ones (with white outlines). The extra-large star on the Australian flag has seven points – one for each of the six states, and one for the Northern Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Both flags have the Southern Cross star on the right-hand side – representing the constellation which can only be seen from the two countries.

The Local Fauna

As it’s often famously commented on, Australia has more dangerous native creatures than New Zealand – although the former may be known for its marsupials such as kangaroos and koalas, there are a lot of dangerous smaller animals and insects roaming around in Australia.

These include spiders (the Sydney funnelweb and the redback are probably the most famous), brown snakes, tiger snakes and Taipan snakes, plus sea creatures (saltwater crocodiles and box jellyfish). In most cases, although bites are often venomous, they aren’t always deadly (and antidotes do exist).

However, you are unlikely to run into any of these creatures, particularly if you live in one of the big cities such as Sydney or Adelaide.

If you are considering house removals to New Zealand, then you won’t have to worry about so many dangerous animals – you’re more likely to see seals and dolphins than crocodiles. There are plenty of birds (penguins particularly), but no snakes and nothing that should pose a threat to your life.

The Scenery

New Zealand sits on a major fault line which has shaped the geography and topographical features of the nation; its volcanoes, mountains, its fjords and lakes (not forgetting the occasional earthquake) are all a result of it’s positioning over the Earth’s tectonic plates.

In contrast, Australia is much warmer and drier and has all the deserts (although it also has tropical rainforests) as well as the red dirt of the outback.

Of course, the scenery between various parts of each country can vary greatly, so make sure you do plenty of research on the area you are looking to move to.

The Various Cultures

Australia’s indigenous aborigine culture is not particularly prominent in the big cities, which are generally quite cosmopolitan and have plenty of expats from different countries (although the country as a whole is more respectful of the aborigines than it used to be).

Generally speaking, the New Zealanders are more aware of the Maori culture – the Maori language is an official language of the country, alongside English, there’s a dedicated TV station, and the national rugby team perform the Haka (a Maori ceremonial war dance) before every match.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to NZ or Australia?

The cost of moving to either of the countries will vary depending on which of our deep sea removals packages you opt for – dedicated use of a shipping container, or part-load or groupage (where it’s shared with other consignments) and how much you send via air freight.

There are also other optional extras such as insurance, packing and unpacking services to consider, all of which we offer to help your move go smoothly.

But what about the cost of living in the two countries? Compared to the UK, Australia and New Zealand generally have higher prices but much higher salaries. There’s not that much difference in the cost of living when comparing Australia with New Zealand. The former is generally thought to be more affordable, but NZ is actually cheaper for a lot of consumer goods and services.

And, in both cases. the average price of property (buying or renting) is skewed by the big cities (as with most other countries), so it’s much higher if you’re looking to live in Wellington or Sydney.

House Removals to Australia and New Zealand with Hamiltons Removals

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