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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service

Overseas Moves to Australia | A Guide to Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is a harbour city in New South Wales, Australia, and has some of the most gorgeous beaches along its coastline where you can take long walks. The city is located just over a hundred miles from Sydney and situated at the mouth of the Hunter River. If you are contemplating overseas moves to Australia then this could be the ideal place. Hamiltons are experts in organising removals to Australia, helping to ensure a move to the other side of the world goes smoothly.

Famous for its coal and steel industries, Newcastle has the largest coal export harbour in the world, exporting over a 150 million tonnes per year. The city was named after the coal port in England, Newcastle Upon Tyne, and was a tough penal colony until 1812 with the last prisoners leaving in 1823. It was after this period that the city opened itself up to farming, and a flood of settlers came, and it became just like any other typical Australian settlement during this time, turning into a major city on the east coast of the country. Newcastle is now one of Australia’s largest cities, and one of its most prosperous too.

The weather here is very hot for most of the year, with average temperatures exceeding 25°c, while the heat can reach 40°c during the summer. This makes the beaches a very popular destination with both the locals and tourists, and you can enjoy the new ANZAC walk looking out towards the sea and the Merrywether suburbs.

Popular Places for Expats to Live in Newcastle

Popular locations to live are The Hill and Cook Hill, which are both considered to be some of the best suburbs in Newcastle. Beachside accommodation is available, although it can have a fairly high price tag. This large city has many residential districts that are good neighbourhoods, including The Junction, which has shops, good schools, cafes and restaurants, and loads of nightlife.

Education in Newcastle

The university of Newcastle is a world-class institution, and is in the Callaghan suburb,with other campuses situated around the city. You will also find that colleges and schools are plentiful and very good, with Newcastle Grammar having a top reputation. This is a private school with high achievement records.

Jobs in Newcastle

The steel industry and the coal and mining sectors still provide many of the jobs in the city and surrounding districts, as the port sends out these commodities to Asian markets. The health service is the largest employer in the area and the university also employs many of the local population. As with all large cities, the services industry features heavily in the jobs market.

Social Life in Newcastle

There are a variety of cultural events in the city, including the Newcastle Regional Show, which is held annually, with jazz and country music celebrations also being popular. The National Young Writers Festival and other regular arts and community programmes take place through the year. In Newcastle you will be spoilt for other music venues, as all genres are catered for, and an underground scene of new music is flourishing.

Newcastle boasts a large number of art galleries, with Modernist and Cubist artists having worked here during the early part of the 20th century. You can also find museums, such as the railway, penal colony and local history museums, and there is a good science museum too. Newcastle has some great theatres, with the Civic Theatre being the largest and built in Art Deco style. It also has its own theatre company which tours to some of the smaller theatres in the region.

Sport is also a big favourite with the people of the city, whether playing it or watching it, and they have a diverse range of activities available, such as cricket, football, rugby, horse racing and basketball and ice-hockey. You can also enjoy monster trucks and wrestling for an alternative evening out.

International Removals to Newcastle

If you are planning overseas moves to Australia, Hamiltons will be happy to arrange your home and business relocation. We are specialists in removals worldwide, and able to tailor our solutions to the needs of the customer. Click here to see how we can help you and get a detailed free quote.