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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service

Removals to Adana Turkey | UK to Turkey Removals Service

Hamiltons Removals provide removals to Adana Turkey. Our high quality international removals service caters for all moves, including domestic, commercial and corporate relocations. We can provide full container shipping, groupage and airfreight services at highly competitive rates and also specialise in the moving of pets, vehicles and specialist loads. Removals can be tailored to your requirements including just the transportation of your belongings, or optional packing, unpacking and cleaning services. We also provide removals from Turkey back to the UK and between most other European and International destinations.

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Hamiltons are a member of the trade association BAR (British Association of Removers), The Road Haulage Association and are BS EN ISO 9001:2000 registered.

About Adana

The fourth largest city in Turkey, Adana was founded on the delta of the Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers and it's history dates back to 6000 BC. The earliest inhabitants of Adana were the Hittites and back then, the city was known as Uru Adaniyya. Later it was ruled by the Phrygians, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Seluicuds and the Byzantines.  The Greeks and Persians disputed the area for 1000 years after that, until the Romans took over in the 1st century BC.

As you might expect of any large Turkish city, especially one with such a varied history, there are many interesting buildings to look at and photograph. Of particular interest is the 300 yard long, Roman stone bridge, known as The Great Bridge. This spans the River Seyhan, the 16th century Great Mosque or Ulu Camii, the Eski Mosque, the Hasan Aga Mosque, the clock-tower built in 1882 and the old covered bazaar or Bedesten. A number of museums in the city are particularly noteworthy, namely the Ethnographical and Archaeological museums, the latter displaying many ancient artefacts including; Turkish carpets, swords, manuscripts, books and tombstones.

The Romans held sway here for some time and they left their mark on Adana and the surrounding area in a number of ways. As well as the bridge, which was a tremendous feat of engineering in its own right, there are some ancient sites on the road to Iskenderun which display Roman ruins as well as a mosaic dating back to the 4th century A.D. representing Noah's Ark. The site of Yilanlikale features the ruins of a fortress set atop a peak which overlooks the River Ceyhan. Anavarza is a Roman Byzantine site which still preserves the outline of the old city and includes two ornate mosaics.

The fact that Adana has a long and interesting history is beyond doubt but equally undeniable, is the fact that it has a present and a great future ahead of it too. It is a crowded and busy city boasting a sea of modern buildings, occasionally interspersed with much older and more ornate Mosques. High rise apartment buildings and office blocks punctuate the skyline along with minarets and statues in a fascinating amalgam of architectural and cultural styles. In recent times the cityscape has seen revolutionary changes with the revitalization of Seyhan river and the construction of large parks and boulevards which have opened up the environment and given its residents much needed room to breathe.

It’s generally quite hot and can be a bit suffocating at times, encouraging many of the locals to take siesta type breaks in the mid afternoon. It is not unusual to see people sleeping on empty market stalls, on the pavements, or in the shadows of Mosques at this time of day. The hot summers prompt many people, locals and tourists alike, to head for the hills. In the hills and on the plateaus of the Toros or Taurus Mountains, there are various tourist and leisure activities available, from camping to river and canoe trips, to cave tours, hunting and fishing trips. There are health retreats that use the healing waters of the Toros to really help you unwind. Other city dwellers like to head for the tea houses and restaurants of the Seyhan Dam and its lake, as these provide a cooling respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, without being too far to travel. From here it is also possible to get a great view of the city and the river which looks wonderful, particularly at sunset.

Adana is situated in the middle of the Cukurova Plain on extremely fertile land, irrigated by the Seyhan River. The land yields such delights as apricots, grapes, olives and many citrus fruits as well as cotton, wheat, barley and tobacco. Further testaments to the verdant nature of this area are the numerous public green spaces. You can find your ideal picnicking spots in the forests and meadows of Karsan, Burucek, Tekir, Horzum and Zorkum and in the municipal gardens that front onto Seyhan River.

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