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Removals to Istanbul Turkey | UK to Turkey Removals Service

Hamiltons international removals department provides removals to Istanbul Turkey. Our high quality Turkey removals service caters for all moves, including domestic, commercial and corporate. Removals can be tailored to suit your needs and can include full packing, loading, transport and unloading or simply the moving of your belongings. We also provide professional cleaning services if required. Hamiltons are a member of the trade association BAR (British Association of Removers), The Road Haulage Association and are BS EN ISO 9001:2000 registered.

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About Istanbul

To the north west of Turkey lies Istanbul. The capital city of Turkey, it is home to over 12 million people and is the centre of Turkey’s booming economy. The city plays host to the headquarters of companies involved in all the major business sectors including the financial institutions, money markets, gold stocks, leasing, factoring and insurance.

The trade, finance, culture and tourism sectors are mostly located in the centre of Istanbul whereas the industry sector and manufacturing is predominantly in the suburbs of Tuzla, Pendik, and İkitelli. Most of the population live on the outskirts of the city, in the suburbs but some 9 million or so are what can properly be described as inner city dwellers.

The city’s heat can be felt as a result of its mild year round climate and its tremendous volume of traffic. Every working day, between the hours of 09.00 and 18.00 some 4 million vehicles use its roads. Despite this though, in April and May, cool spring like weather is experienced, followed by a warmer June and a hotter July and August. In the height of summer temperatures in Istanbul can reach a stiflingly humid 30°C. September to December are the typical autumn months which are followed by a very mild winter from January to March, during which time the nights are a little colder but overall it is still very pleasant.

Nowadays, Istanbul is one of the most favoured cities in world tourism. It has a historical and cultural heritage dating back many thousands of years and its ancient and ornate buildings can be seen whilst touring the city by boat, car, bus or even balloon.

Taking a tour of the city by boat is great fun. You might hop aboard a traditional Turkish caique of the sort that was used during the time of the Ottoman Empire. These caiques were used extensively for transportation within the city and even the sultans had them though theirs were customised with jewels and decorated in gold. Caiques and other boats were very much regarded, like cars today, as status symbols and people would get dressed up in all their finery, just to take trips up and down the Bosphorus.

Touring the city by bus has been given a Turkish twist too. You can take a “dolmus” which is a minibus serving the coastal area of Turkey. The dolmus doesn't operate like any normal public bus, to begin with, there are no official bus stops, you simply stand by any public spot like a shop or restaurant and hold out your hand, as if hailing a taxi. Dolmus run approximately every 10 minutes on the more popular routes. When one turns up, check with the driver that he’s going your way and then go to find a seat. Pass your payment to the person sat in front of you. They will then pass it forward to the next person, who passes it on until it reaches the driver. You can expect your change to come back via the same route, as and when the driver decides to give it to you but you should know that this probably won’t happen immediately.

Another popular form of transport in the city and a great way to get to know the place, is to take an open topped bus tour. Lasting for nearly two hours, these tours run every hour from Sultanahmet Square and the Turkish commentary, available to you through headphones is translated into 8 different languages, including English. The tours take in some sixty or so points of reference, passing through 17 different neighbourhoods en-route and if it all gets too much for one sitting, you can always get off for a relaxing drink and rejoin another tour later.

It is even possible to get a birds-eye view of the city from a height of 200 metres. Türkbalon, located on the Pier Square in Kadıköy gives visitors the ability to see Istanbul from a new and elevated perspective aboard a hot air balloon. The view is breathtaking and includes such awesome sights as the Bosphorus, the historical peninsula, Galata and The Prince Islands.

And finally, no trip around Istanbul would be complete without more in-depth mention of the Bosphorous itself. Hop aboard one of the cruisers and you’ll be able to experience Istanbul in style from the water. You’ll stop first at a couple of piers to allow for embark and disembarkation but then you’ll be on your way. The cruiser will pass by the districts on the Asian coast before docking at the Anatolian Pier. After a couple of hours in which you can leave the boat for sightseeing and other touristy things, the transport returns, sticking closer to the European coast this time. The cruise ends at Eminönü. This same cruise is operated at night so that you can experience the joys of the Bosphorus by moonlight.

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