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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service


Removals to North Wales

North Wales

North Wales has quite possibly the most beautiful scenery in Wales, if not in the whole of the UK. Home to Snowdonia National Park, North Wales is stunning, with vast beaches and sand dunes. This area attracts thousands of tourists each year, with its impressive landscape and important towns such as Caernarfon, Dolgellau and Ruthin. North Wales is fairly remote which adds to the charm of it all, with a high quality of life to be found here and a relaxed lifestyle shared by all who live here. If you are considering removals to North Wales and are unsure of who to contact for help, Hamiltons Removals are the experts who will make your transition to North Wales run smoothly. We know the area well, and are able to help you move to Bangor, St Asaph, Conwy, Denbigshire, Isle of Anglesey, Holyhead and other towns and cities across the country.

Moving to North Wales

There are a number of reasons why North Wales is so popular, including the easy access to major cities such as Chester and London by train and car. The relaxed lifestyle is also a draw for those looking to retire, as the everyday lifestyle of the inhabitants here is laidback and tranquil. An added plus of moving to North Wales is that there is low pollution here, low crime rates and very good schools, making it an excellent place to bring up young children. For animal lovers, North Wales is ideal, with cheaper stables for horses and long public footways for horseback treks and also for dog walking.


North Wales has a fantastic transport network, ensuring that busy commuters can quickly get to work and back home each day. Bangor is just an hour away from Chester for drivers, and London is just three hours from Bangor by train. This is ideal for business people who may want to organise meetings in London, as the travel time is achievable.

Quality of life

As mentioned above, this scenic part of Wales is ideal for people considering retirement, with its dramatic scenery and gorgeous beaches to explore.  The countryside here is breath-taking, with Snowdonia National Park, one of the most attractive parks in the UK, for all the locals to explore on a daily basis if they wish to. With the low pollution levels and low crime, you can feel safe here to explore the countryside as much as you wish to.

Housing Prices

If you are looking to relocate to North Wales, you can expect to pay very reasonable prices for your new home. Here you can buy a small-holding or a huge Victorian house for a similar price of a city flat. To rent a spacious family home here it can cost just £750 to £900 a month, or for a bed flat or house it is around £550 a month. You can get much more for your money here, with large houses going up for sale constantly around the area.

North Wales Towns and Cities


Wrexham is one of the largest towns in North Wales, with a population of over 68,000. It is mainly an industrial town, with brick making as one of the main industries, but with employment broadening this is set to change. Wrexham can be accessed by plane, rail or bus, with the nearest airport at both Liverpool and Manchester, and only a 45 minute drive away to each place. Buses run from all over Wales to Wrexham, with the local bus station operating from Oswestry and Rhyl.

Wrexham has a rich history, with a number of historical sites which highlight how locals used to live hundreds of years ago. Here there are excellent road links to North Wales, the North West and beyond, making it a popular place to stay. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is a beautiful canal, built over two hundred years ago to transport goods in and out of the Cefn Mawr area. They have stunning arches here, and you can ride in a canal boat or walk along the entire length of the canal.


Bangor is a university city with a population of around 19,000 and with 10,000 students attending Bangor University. Bangor is one of the smallest cities in Britain, with a peaceful atmosphere for all the locals to enjoy. This is ideal for families with older teens, as they can begin to look around the university to find out more about the available courses. There is also brilliant shopping facilities to be found here, with Wales’s longest high street being within Bangor.

While living in Bangor you can visit the Aber Falls, which is a waterfall located just south of the city. The waterfall is formed as the Afon Goch plunges about 120 feet over the igneous rock. Bangor is an ideal city for regular commuters to settle in due to its close proximity to London and Chester.


With a population of around just 15,000, the historic town of Conwy is a popular tourist destination with its famous Conwy Suspension Bridge which spans the River Conwy. Conwy is a walled town, with walls over three quarters of a mile long which are guarded by 22 towers. The easy 75 minute drive to Manchester Airport also draws tourists in, with many of them flying in for a quick break. This is ideal for people moving to North Wales who need to travel often, as planes can easily be taken from Manchester to a variety of places.

Conwy is home to the smallest house in Britain, which is just 10 by 6 ft., and was last lived in by Robert Jones who was 6ft 3 inches. This house is open to visit, and is an exciting and interesting place to visit with your children. Also available to visit here with children is the Conwy Castle, which is a dark stoned fortress which recreates an authentic medieval atmosphere.

St Asaph

St Asaph is the second smallest city in Britain with just 4,000 inhabitants, making it a close knit and welcoming community. This city is surrounded by countryside and views of the Vale of Clwyd, with close coastal towns to it such as Rhyl, Prestatyn, Abergele, Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. The community here is passionate about the history of St Asaph, with many of the locals promoting the city as the “City of Music” due to its music festivals held here every year. The North Wales International Music Festival attracts music lovers from all over Wales and beyond, and this event has even been covered on television by the BBC.

In St Asaph there are five churches to cover all the major Christian denominations along with their famous cathedral. St Asaph Cathedral has a fascinating history, with it almost being burnt to the ground in the thirteenth century by Edward I of England. During the Commonwealth it was even used to house farm animals, such as pigs, cattle and horses.

If you are interested in moving to North Wales and need an international removals company to help, contact Hamiltons Removals to find out how we can help you on your move.