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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service


Removals to Scottish Highlands and Islands

Removals to southern Scotland

Scotland’s most spectacular and outstanding countryside can be found within the Highlands and Islands, which is a popular tourist destination with many ski resorts and mountain treks to enjoy. This area is very sparsely populated, with mountain ranges covering most of the region. Here Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, can be found. If you are considering removals to the Scottish Highlands, Hamiltons Removals are an expert company who can help your move go smoothly. Hamiltons Removals can help you move to a variety of places, including Inverness, Orkneys, Shetlands, Fort William and Wick.

Moving to the Scottish Highlands and Islands

With stunning scenery and easy access to the coast, lochs, mountains and glens, the Highlands are most certainly dramatic. This incredible place is ideal for bringing up children, with first rate educational opportunities and incredibly clean air. Crime rates here are also very low, ensuring that your quality of life in the Highlands will be very high.


With vast mountains and rough terrain, the Highlands are perfect for sports enthusiasts, especially mountain bikers and skiers. The large ski resorts here attract tourists from all over the world, while the rocky landscape attracts bikers to experience a thrilling ride over mountains and hill. Many people also travel to the Islands for diving, with many diving schools around the area.


The cleanliness of the area is a major plus, with no busy roads to fight through on your way to work and no air pollution. This is lovely for previous city dwellers, who can move here in retirement to experience the countryside at its very best. Due to the remoteness of the area there is a strong sense of community, with many of the locals being familiar with each other. A benefit of its location is the relatively low house prices, due to it being set back from all the major cities. This is ideal for those who enjoy a quiet and relaxed lifestyle, away from all the noise.


With its vivid scenery and abundant amount of wildlife, the Highlands are a striking place to live. Many tourists in the Highlands return later on to the area to settle down, and are captivated by its effortless beauty and nature. The area is unspoilt, with most of it still in its natural untouched state.

Towns and Cities in the Highlands and Islands

Inverness, City, River, Town

Residents of Inverness have an unrivalled quality of life, and there is an unbelievably low unemployment rate here, no congestion and unlimited views of the countryside. Inverness is viewed as the capital of the Highlands, with a population of just over 62,500.  The quality of life here is ranked as fifth out of 189 British cities, the highest ranked out of all the Scottish cities. It was also found to be the happiest place in Scotland by a study in 2014, and in 2015 it was announced as the second happiest place in the UK.

Perched above the River Ness, the Inverness Castle sits above the Gothic Town House in the High Street and takes over the horizon. Underneath this stands the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery which showcases the development of the Highlands over the years. Locals often enjoy a scenic walk around the castle, along the river and past St Andrew’s Cathedral. From here they can pass the Ness Islands where salmon is caught.

Orkney, Scotland, Highlands And Islands

With sandy white shores and a rich culture, the Orkney Islands are ideal for those with young children or for people looking to retire. Home to a vast variety of seabirds and wildlife, every day of the year there is something new here to see. With seals, dolphins and whales to see during the warmer months, this is an exciting and educational place to bring up young children.

Orkney is famous for its food and drink, with it being exported and enjoyed all over the world. For locals, high quality food and drink can be enjoyed daily, with produce to make any event special. Premium beef, scallops, lobster and crab are menu favourites here. They also boast award-winning whisky distilleries, which are popular all over the UK.


The Shetland Islands are stunning, and you can explore the area on one of the many hikes or cruises. With some of the clearest waters in the UK, the Shetland Islands offer one of the best diving locations in Britain, with shipwrecks around the coastline to explore. With many deserted beaches as well, you can spend endless amounts of time exploring the untouched nature of Shetland.

The Shetland Islands is also the place to be for festivals, with its annual Lerwick Up Helly Aa, which is held on the last Tuesday of January. On the day a replica longship is burned, while thousands of locals march through the town; it culminates with a massive party to celebrate. For film lovers, the festival “Screenplay” has over 95 events, created by film critic Mark Kermode.

Landscape, Scotland, Isle Of Skye, Old Man Of Storr

This rugged island connected to Scotland by bridge is known for its striking fishing locations, villages and medieval castles. This has an indented coastline of lochs and peninsulas, which stick out from the mountainous interior. The inside town of Portree has many harbour side pubs and boutiques for the locals and visitors to explore. The landscape here is dramatic and moody; but with plenty of water sports, hiking activities and pony rides on offer, this is the perfect place to move to with a young family.

For help with your removals to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, visit Hamiltons Removals.