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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service


Specialist Computer and Office Furniture Removal

When it comes to office furniture removal, additional expertise and facilities are needed, over and above those required for a home move. While delays or damage to personal items are upsetting enough for a householder, similar incidents can be disastrous during business removals. This means you need a mover with the right specialist expertise and resources in place to avoid this type of problem.

At Hamiltons, we have more than 20 years of experience of providing corporate relocation services to companies of all sizes, so you can rely on our expert knowledge. We will make sure that all your precious equipment is transported safely and can quickly be up and running again when you reach your new premises. This applies whether you are undertaking office moves within Norfolk, East Anglia or elsewhere in the UK, or preparing for a business relocation abroad.

Office Furniture Removal - follow the link to get a free detailed quote.

Office Furniture Removal - Heavy lifting is one element that needs to be considered when arranging office furniture removal, but there are also many more factors involved. Office removals specialists must have the expertise to dismantle items such as shelving units and filing systems, and then to reassemble them in the required positions at new premises. Special care is needed with transporting items including desks, filing cabinets and storage cabinets.

Office Equipment Removal - Packing up hi-tech items such as computers and printers as part of a company relocation may seem like a daunting prospect. However, it can all go much more smoothly if technicians pack and unpack these items, using specialist packaging and vans designed to carry computer equipment. Computers and other IT equipment are often business-critical, so getting these set up in new offices is crucial to minimising overall disruption. Hamiltons will work with your own IT people to pack up this type of equipment, and then also to unpack and install or reconnect systems in your company's new location.

Specialist Packing - As part of Hamiltons' commercial removals expertise, our specialist packers will follow a strict rotational order in packing and unpacking. This means we can work with you during office furniture removal to ensure that the items which are needed most urgently are unpacked first, and get the business up and running again as quickly as possible.

Business Storage - Organising storage is often necessary in the course of a business relocation. This could include archiving paperwork, as well as storing office furniture and equipment prior to an overseas move - or at the destination when you reach your new country of operation. At Hamiltons, we can also arrange short or long-term storage for you at either end of the move, in secure modern facilities. This service is available either here or abroad, as required.

Vehicles - Specialist vehicles may be needed for some types of office furniture removal, in particular for carrying fragile computer equipment or other machinery. Hamiltons has purpose- designed vehicles to handle commercial removals of all types. These include trucks with ramps to carry vehicles or other machinery. Our fleet is one of the most versatile in Europe, with road trains enabling us to offer your business a full or part-load service, as well as pantechnicons which can transport multiple containers. Utility vehicles are ideal for smaller business moves, while we use our crew vans all across the UK to prepare for business relocations abroad. Our vehicle tracking system is especially important for foreign moves, since it improves security, as well as ensuring customers can receive regular updates.

ISO 9001 Registered - This accreditation is a guarantee to you of our quality service. If an office removals company achieves this certification, it means its team works to documented standards, including well-organised systems and processes for all aspects of business. Some larger companies who are also ISO 9001 registered need to ensure all their own suppliers also meet this standard.

Customs/Export Expertise - For an overseas corporate relocation, you need a mover who is familiar with all the regulations involved in the UK and your destination, to ensure there are no delays over aspects such as paperwork or dealing with customs authorities. Hamiltons has wide-ranging experience of arranging business removals abroad and so can ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.

Commercial Removals - get a free initial quote now, or click the link to get in touch.