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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service


Taking the Stress out of Business Relocation

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things in life - so how much more stressful is it to carry out a business relocation for a whole company? There may be dozens or even hundreds of staff involved, together with all their equipment and workstations. There is also the need to inform all your customers or clients and ensure that the move causes as little upheaval as possible to your ongoing business.

Here we will look at the various sources of stress which can occur during office moves, and how the expert service offered by Hamiltons can help in all of these areas.

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Disruption to the Business - One of the most stressful aspects of any business relocation is the potential impact on cashflow, together with the inconvenience to customers. This can put many businesses off making a move even when a change is overdue. Even a move within your own area of the country, such as East Anglia, can seem daunting, and this is all the more so if you are moving to another region of the UK or abroad.

Hamiltons offers corporate relocation services which are designed to minimise disruption, through a combination of careful planning and working closely with you as our client. Your dedicated liaison manager can answer your questions and will also take your business priorities on board throughout the organisation of the removal process.

Dealing with the Details - When sorting out business removals, there are a thousand details to consider. These include arrangements for staff, dealing with a large amount of paperwork, making arrangements for utilities and dealing with customs or export regulations if you are arranging a corporate relocation abroad. Other important factors are the exact timing of various stages of the move, as well as arranging storage facilities where needed.

Your Hamiltons' dedicated liaison manager can take the lead and help deal with all these kinds of detail. Whatever issues arise during your business relocation, they will have seen it all before, and so have the experience to advise or help directly. They can also provide a point of contact throughout the period leading up to the move, so you will always have someone to turn to.

Costs - Worrying about the cost of office moves can be a major source of stress - so it is essential to get a realistic quote as early as you possibly can. This will help you to budget and make provision ahead of time. The moving costs themselves are not the only factor to consider, as you also need be aware of the costs of unplanned disruption if your commercial removals company takes longer than originally planned to get you set up. This makes it all the more important to consider the reliability and track record of office removals firms before making your choice of company, alongside the figures in their quote.

Hamiltons will give you a detailed quote well in advance, enabling you to plan all the costs of your company relocation. We also pride ourselves on carrying out office moves quickly and efficiently, to avoid any extra costs to your business from delays during the removals process.

Mission-Critical Items - Just the words "mission critical" could be enough to make anyone feel stressed. But, to minimise disruption and get the business functioning again as soon as possible, it is essential to identify all the items which you need to have easily to hand, and which need to be working as soon as you arrive in the new office. This could be particular computers or IT systems, and might also include essential paperwork or filing cabinets.

Hamiltons can ensure that such items are given special attention during your business relocation to minimise any risk of damage occurring in transit, for instance with IT equipment, where we use specialist packaging and vehicles. We also make sure that items essential to the operation of the business are labelled and identified, so that they are given priority treatment and will be easy to find on arrival.

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