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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service


10 Tips for Office Removals

At Hamiltons, we have many years of experience in undertaking office removals for companies both large and small. This means we have built up a wealth of expertise in ways to make a business relocation go smoothly. Very often, there are number of things that our clients can do to help, so here are our top 10 tips for trouble-free office moves.

Bearing these points in mind can remove a lot of the stress and worry from the whole moving process. This applies whether you are moving over a short distance within Norwich or Norfolk, further afield within the UK, or organising a corporate relocation abroad.

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Identify Computers and Other Equipment - Most modern offices are full of hi-tech equipment, which needs specialist packing and handling during office removals. It is important to tell your removals company exactly what needs to be moved. We are experts in moving computer equipment and use specialist packaging materials and vehicles to make sure these items are transported securely.

Backups - One stressful aspect of moving computer workstations is the worry about possible loss of data. However, this risk can easily be avoided. Before the move gets under way, ensure that you have up-to-date backups of all data. These should preferably be stored via a medium which is not involved in the move, such as a separate hard drive or online backup facility.

Sort and Archive Paperwork - Many companies have a mountain of paperwork built up over the years, all of which has to be moved during a corporate relocation. A lot of headaches can be avoided if you distinguish files which will be needed immediately after the move from those to unpack later. If there is no time to sort through all the paperwork properly, you should at least identify and label items to enable detailed sorting at the new office.

Hire a Professional Office Removals Company - Firms and organisations typically don't move very often, so you are unlikely to have much experience of this. Fortunately, a specialist firm can provide all the necessary know-how, drawn from decades of carrying out office removals. Experts in corporate relocation services will take all the nuts and bolts side of moving off your hands. This is more efficient all round, as you can concentrate on making sure the business side of the move goes smoothly.

Plan New Office Layout - Where is everything going to go when you move? If you are moving to much smaller or larger premises, this question will need extra consideration to avoid a lot of time being lost on reorganisation of space within your offices later on. You need to give your office furniture removal company clear directions about where all the equipment should be placed. This will mean they can get things set up for you quickly, to get your business back up and running without delay.

Declutter - There is no point going to the time and expense of moving office furniture and equipment which you then decide to bin after the move. This could include obsolete computer equipment, as well as chairs and desks which are showing signs of wear or actually broken. It's well worth clearing out anything like this before office furniture removal begins, so that you only take items with you which are needed and in good repair.

Get People on Board - Office moves mean a big upheaval for everyone, so it is important to keep staff informed and explain the advantages, both for the company and for them as employees. The more motivated people feel about the move to a new office, the more effort they will put into helping to organise any changeovers needed in their own departments.

Remove Personal Belongings - Ask people to take home any personal items that are not part of the office set-up, but which they may keep there for their own convenience. This could range from spare clothing to framed photos, bicycles and pot plants. If your removals company is doing your packing for you, most people will appreciate the opportunity to remove their personal belongings themselves, rather than have them packed up by someone else.

Set a Date and Keep it Clear - Set a company relocation date as far in advance as possible and avoid organising any important business activities on or around the day involved. Setting a date can be done in conjunction with your moving company, who should be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long everything will take.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Advice - After you appoint a specialist firm such as Hamiltons to organise your office removals, you can rely on us for advice over any points or issues which come up. We will assign a liaison manager to deal with your commercial removals project from end to end, so that you always have a point of contact.

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