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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service

International Removals to Switzerland – A Guide to Moving to BellinzonaBellinzona

If the name Bellinzona does not immediately strike you as Swiss in origin, there’s a reason why. This is in the only area in Switzerland which is predominantly Italian, where the local people speak Italian first and German second. It is useful to speak both languages but if you do not, don’t worry, as the locals are very kind and accommodating and will be happy to help.

Bellinzona was once part of the Milanese principality of Italy, and you will find much to surprise you within this historic city and in the Ticino region in general.  If you are thinking of international removals to Switzerland, then this is certainly a place to consider. Hamiltons Removals are experts in moves to Europe and can arrange both home and business relocations.

The main attractions in the area are the three castles dotted around the city, which have been registered as a Unesco heritage site since 2000, together with the city walls. It is well worth visiting these ancient buildings as they are wonderfully preserved examples of medieval castles in this part of Europe.

The ‘Gateway to Italy’ is the colloquial name for the town, as those who wish to visit Italy come down from the north and those travelling to the Alps come up from the south via the Italian border. Milan is not far from the boundary of Switzerland, and it is a short journey to this famous Italian city.

Popular Neighbourhoods Around Bellinzona

The city of Bellinzona is quite small, but it does have all the modern facilities you would expect, and, whether you live in the city centre or outside the walls, accommodation is available as apartments or houses, with a few hotels for tourists.

Further afield in Ticino Canton you will also find the cities of Lugano and Mendrisio, both of which are of Italian origin. These beautiful centres enjoy low crime rates and are very clean and fresh from the Alpine weather and the fact they are well above sea level.

Education in Bellinzona

Bellinzona has two university campuses which are a part of the University of Lugano, the Institute of Research in Biomedicine and the Institute of Oncology Research. There are also plenty of kindergartens and high schools, and the young people of this area are encouraged to enter vocational studies such as apprenticeships and internships to gain valuable work experience.

Jobs in Bellinzona

In Bellinzona there are lots of small businesses, with a few in the primary economic sector, which is mainly agriculture. There are several companies in other secondary sectors such as the building trade, or light industry, with jobs in services and tourism also available and proving increasingly popular.

Attractions in Bellinzona

Castelgrande is the oldest and most magnificent of Bellinzona’s three castles, and was built in the 13th century, when it was the only fortification in the city. The Montebello Castle is the smallest of the three, which is located in the east of the city and was built to house the Rusca family in 1313AD. This castle is joined to the Castelgrande by a fortified wall running around the city. The third castle, Sasso Corbaro, is not attached to the other two, and it is to the south-west of the city on a very rocky hill.

This castle was added to close the gap as the city has had many invaders over the years, such as attacks from Napoleon and the French Army, the Duke of Milan, the House of Visconi and the Swiss Confederation. These three castles make up the medieval defence of this very strategic city and were used when the city was under siege from those who have tried to conquer it.

Apart from the castles, the city continues in the style of the Italian Lombardy tradition with quaint shops, boutiques and a weekly market in the Piazza Nosetto. You will also find there is an open-air theatre during the summer and most of the houses in this district have been renovated to show the true character of their Italian roots.

Although this is not the largest city in Switzerland, it is certainly a place where you can enjoy life. The sports facilities in the town are more than adequate and there is a Swiss league football club. You will find there is lots to take pleasure in this traditional city. If you are considering moving abroad and need help with your international removals to Switzerland, Hamiltons will be able to assist with your relocation.

International Removals to Switzerland with Hamiltons

If you are moving to Switzerland or another country from the UK, Hamiltons are specialists in arranging all types of moves. We can offer services to suit you, and assure you of an easy and smooth move to Europe and beyond. For a free quote follow the link to our website.