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Updated 24/06/2021

Hamiltons continue to provide removal services whilst adhering to government guidelines to ensure the ongoing safety of our crews, their families, our customers and the general public. All our operations teams have been issued with the necessary PPE required. Everyone should continue to play their part in reducing the spread of the virus following the current guidance. Our staff are taking enquires and providing quotations for your removal and storage requirements. Our International, Corporate and UK sales teams can be contacted using the normal office numbers.

Our self-storage depots at Aldeby and Harleston are open as usual and we are safely dispatching on-line orders for packaging materials. The Harleston self-storage centre is currently open Monday to Friday 08:30 – 18:30, please adhere to the governments social distancing policy when visiting the site. Should you require to visit your unit outside of these hours please contact our sales team to see if this can be arranged.

Should any client require a house survey our surveyors are carrying out both physical & video surveys, visit to find out more or contact the office to book a survey type of your choice.

Many thanks for your continued understanding during these difficult times. 

Five Reasons Why Self Storage is Still Booming

The self-storage industry is still going strong – and that’s official. The latest annual survey by the Self Storage Association UK (SSAUK) has painted an optimistic picture of the industry’s future.

The survey shows that more than four-fifths of the available space in the UK’s storage facilities (82.3%) is now let, up around 6% on the previous year, and one of the highest percentage increases on record.

Hamiltons Removals operate two secure self storage units in the heart of East Anglia, and we take a keen interest in all issues affecting the industry. Here we look at some of the key reasons why self storage has been thriving over the past 12 months.

People Are Still Moving House

Various Stamp Duty holidays announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak have allowed home buyers to pay no tax on properties valued under £500,000 for almost a year already. As a result of this financial incentive aimed at kick-starting the economy, more than 100,000 home were being sold each month up to March 2021.

With more homes being sold, this has invariably meant that more people had possessions they needed to store while they were between homes or hadn’t decided what to do with them yet.

There’s Increased Working from Home

With people being encouraged to work more from home, this has created a need for dedicated office space at home. This pressure on space has resulted in possessions, especially larger items such as furniture, needing to be moved out to make way for office desks and homeschooling areas.

Hamiltons two Safe N Stored sites have furniture storage units that are ideal for those in Diss, Thetford, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds and further afield looking to make a little extra space at home.

There’s Other People in the House Too

University students have also encouraged to learn online, with doing this from the family home rather than on campus. This also applied to primary and secondary school children as well because many schools were shut during the period of the survey.

Youngsters, like adults, needed dedicated areas to work at home. This meant self-storage was again a useful solution for many families who needed to create some extra space.

The Other Life Events

People have also been taking advantage of the pandemic to do all the home improvement projects they have been putting off. And, with the survey showing that people renovating their homes were three times more likely to use self storage, that often meant putting items into self storage while the painting, decorating and building was carried out.

Also, people are still suffering bereavements in the family or are getting divorced. Both of these domestic upheavals often meaning that possessions need to go into storage before they are disposed of, sold or taken to their new home. The SSAUK survey showed a death in the family is the most common life event where people needed to use self storage.

Business Trade is Booming Too

In order to meet with social distancing requirements, there has been increased demand from businesses needing to make more space in their workplaces or stores. Some businesses helped the NHS by storing PPE and other equipment.

There was also increased demand from online retailers who could no longer get ‘just in time’ stock as a result of the pandemic and Brexit border slowdowns.

Secure Self Storage in East Anglia from Hamiltons Removals

We operate two Safe N Stored secure self storage sites in East Anglia, at Harleston and Aldeby, both on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

The Harleston site, which has a number of self storage rooms of different sizes, is currently open Monday to Friday from 09:15am – 17:15pm (call our sales team if you want to visit outside these hours). The premises are protected around the clock by CCTV cameras and alarms which are linked to Norfolk Police.

The Aldeby site has self-storage containers from 5’ to 20’ in size;  this site also stores larger items such as caravans, motorbikes and trailers. The containers are also protected by CCTV and have both secure key fob entry and high-security padlocks.

If you would like to know more, call us on 01379 855203 or click here.

Commercial Removals – Additional Factors to Remember

While domestic and business removals aren’t exactly chalk and cheese, there are still a lot of differences between the two operations. Hamiltons Removals have many years of experience in organising both domestic and commercial removals from our base in south Norfolk. Here are five key additional factors to consider if you are relocating your business rather than your family home.  

The Size

While some small-scale office moves may be the same as an ordinary household, larger firms will have a lot more possessions to move. Likewise, an office move means staff potentially needing to relocate as well. As such, sometimes commercial and domestic moves come as part of the same package deal (as with Hamiltons Removals), increasing the size of the move still further.

Hamiltons’ road trains allow us to offer businesses a part or full-load service, and our pantechnicon vans can carry multiple containers. We also have a number of utility vehicles for smaller moves.

The Type of Items

An office move comes with a lot more specific items such as desks, tables, chairs and IT equipment and not so much in the way of sofas, personal effects and valuables (although some employees may have some personal mementoes on their desks). Some specialist items such as machinery and farm vehicles won’t be included as part of a standard domestic move. Again, this makes a company move a much bigger enterprise.

There may also be a lot of filing cabinets, files and sensitive paperwork that may be worth putting in a secure storage facility during your move if you are worried about them. Hamiltons have two Safe N Stored secure storage sites on the Norfolk/Suffolk border if this is required.

The Degree of Precision Required

With domestic moves, usually it’s just a case of leaving the cartons or boxes in a certain room and the client will then unpack them and put the items where they want (although at Hamiltons we offer a packing and unpacking service).

This doesn’t apply to the standard commercial move, where everything should be planned down to the last detail. This is because desks may have to go in certain positions, along with computers, cables and utilities. You also have to factor in things like stairs and lifts to a much greater extent because an office may be on several floors, so it could be a much more physically strenuous affair.

At Hamiltons, we will appoint a dedicated liaison manager for each commercial removals project, who is responsible for personally overseeing the move preparations and ensuring all the fine details are taken care of.

The Need for Speed

All the time an office is out of action, money is lost. For that reason, a commercial move may have to be done to a much stricter timescale than a domestic move.

Hamiltons will work with you to get your company up and running as quickly as possible, including with your IT team to pack and unpack any business-critical systems and help you to reconnect everything.

Domestic and Commercial Removals with Hamiltons

At Hamiltons, we can help you with commercial removals in our home county of Norfolk, across East Anglia, as well as the rest of the UK and overseas. The same applies to our house removals. We can help you whether you want to move to Suffolk or Switzerland, Diss or Dubai, or Wiltshire or Wales.

Whatever type of move you are after, and wherever you want to go, you can be assured of a high standard of care and service. We are an accredited ISO 9001 registered mover, and we are also members of the British Association of Removers and the BAR’s overseas group.

If you are interested in our commercial removals, follow this link and fill in the online form.