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International Removals to Turkey . Relocating to Turkey . Moving House Overseas

If you are relocating to Turkey, there is a lot more to consider than choosing an international removals service. Our relocation guide below provides additional information on obtaining visas and work permits, the Turkish health care system and choosing schools, moving your pet and more. Please note this information is believed to be accurate at the time of writing, but please check with our international removals department prior to your moving date.

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If you wish to live in Turkey, you will need to obtain a residence visa. Application forms to apply for this can be downloaded from the Turkish Consulate web site. 

It is advisable to move to Turkey on a three-month tourist visa, and then apply for a full residence visa. As soon as you arrive, take quick action to obtain your residence visa as fines are imposed if you overstay the tourist visa.

In order to legally work in Turkey, a person must hold a work permit. Applications for these should be made to the Turkish Consulate, once an offer of work has been received. If a person is already living in Turkey, it may be necessary for them to leave the country and make the application for the work permit before returning.


Some foreign banks such as HSBC have branches in the cities of Turkey. Check to see if your current bank has a dedicated expatriate division, or consider opening a new account.

Alternatively if you are moving to a more rural area, you may be better off opening an account with a Turkish bank, which will have a larger number of branches. Turkish banks include the Turkish Central Bank, Akbank, Is Bankasi and Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi.


Most expatriates living in Turkey send their children to private International schools. This is because state schools teach in Turkish, and the standard of education can be quite low due to a lack of available teaching materials.

Private independent schools are only available in Turkey’s major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. Therefore this can cause a problem for expatriates living in other areas. If a child is over seven, then it could be hard for them to adjust to a Turkish speaking school – and potentially quite disruptive to their education.

Health care

Whilst the cost of health care in Turkey is lower than in other countries, it is still of a very high standard. There are a good number of private clinics and hospitals with English-speaking doctors as well as chemists that will sell you a large range of medicines without prescription.

Most expatriates living in Turkey take out a private insurance policy, to ensure that their medical bills are covered. It is also possible to pay for services as you use them, although this is likely to work out more expensive. Different levels of insurance care can be taken out depending on your personal requirements.

Moving your pet

Pet cats, dogs, birds and fish can be brought with you to your new home in Turkey. However you are only allowed to take one dog, cat or bird per person and up to ten aquarium fish each.

Your animal must be vaccinated for Rabies prior to departure and micro chipped. It must also hold a pet identification card, a vet certificate stating that it is more than 3 months old and an International Certificate of Health. 96 hours before you leave, you will need to have your animals checked by a DEFRA approved vet, who will ensure they are fit to travel and stamp your export permit.

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