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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service

Removals to Canada | Shipping to Ottawa | UK to Canada Removals Service

If you are relocating to Ottawa, Hamiltons international removals department provide competitive removals to Canada's capital city. Our high quality international removals service caters for all your moving requirements, including domestic house removals, office moves and corporate relocations. Shipping to Ottawa is available via a range of shipping, storage and insurance options to suit your individual requirements.

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Removals to Canada - Locations

We ship to and from all Canadian provinces and territories from Alberta to Yukon. For removals to Canada, wherever you want to locate, check our prices. We undertake shipping to Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Airdrie and all other Canadian destinations.

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Hamiltons are members of the trade association BAR (British Association of Removers) and The Road Haulage Association and we are BS EN ISO 9001:2000 registered.

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About Ottawa Canada

One of the world's most desirable cities in which to live and work, and a G8 Capital, Ottawa is also a wonderful place to bring up children. There is a real sense of community spirit and values in the city and you get the feeling that the inhabitants really love living here. They love everything about it: its history, all that it has accomplished and all that it has the potential to achieve. The majority of Ottawa's people enjoy a healthy lifestyle, a comfortable standard of living and a good degree of economic security.

All the trappings of wealth and success are on show here, but not in any kind of flashy, ostentatious or arrogant way. Ottawa enjoys success built on the maintenance of traditional family values and good, honest endeavour. There is world-class fine dining here, an inspirational arts and cultural scene and a large number of entertainment venues which feature everything from ballet to rock concerts and the nation's favourite sport, ice hockey. Ottawa is home to the men's Ottawa Senators and the women's Ottawa Ice Cats hockey teams and both do consistently well in their respective leagues.

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Contact sports and rock concerts aside, Ottawa offers all of the amenities necessary to make it an international business and convention centre of some note. It also boasts a number of major attractions which go some way to making the city a top tourist destination. Whether you like living in town or in the country, there is something here for everyone. Accommodation ranges from pretty little turn-of-the-century stone houses to high-rise apartments with breathtaking views of the city and from bijoux town residences to large country estates. And the beauty of it is that they can all be found, within a short distance of the heart of the city. This is perhaps the real appeal of Ottawa - it manages effortlessly to mix urban sophistication with good old fashioned country charm.

Downtown, around the central business district you'll find some quality apartment buildings or condominiums. These are followed, just outside the inner city, by close built cottages and further out by fields and farmland, so wherever you live in town, you are never far from the great outdoors and the wide-open spaces. In fact, over 90% of the Ottawa region's area is rural, which provides a host of choices when looking for that attractive rural or semi rural lifestyle. It is not all for the rich and privileged either - Ottawa has a great range of housing options for people looking to relocate, with housing choices ranging from affordable homes for young families to luxurious mansions for the affluent. There is also a good stock of retirement homes and non-profit, co-operative housing.

Schooling here is great too. Ottawa offers an array of public and privately funded schools for children, taking them from kindergarten age right through to grade 12. The region's colleges, universities, technology institutes and professional schools provide an integrated and flexible education and training programme designed to get the best results from children and young adults alike. It is common knowledge that Canada is both English and French speaking and it stands to reason then, that many of its countrymen and women, should be bilingual. It is, however, good to know that the education authorities are not content to let their charges get by on French and English alone, but offer a wide range of other languages, reflecting the multi cultural aspect of this ethnically diverse city.

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