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Removals to Europe, UK and Overseas Moving Service

Shipping to UAE: Customs Information for Removals to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah & Sharjah

Removals and shipping to UAE and other overseas destinations are more complicated than moving house within the UK due to the Customs & Excise regulations applied to importing your belongings.

Below is a guide to current Customs & Excise regulations for shipping to UAE. Please note that information is correct at time of publishing but may change at any time. Hamilton's international removals department will guide you through all relevant Customs & Excise regulations prior to your removals to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other emirates.

Customs Information for Removals to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain

If you require shipping to the UAE, do bear in mind that used household goods and personal effects are usually treated as duty free, but are subject to you obtaining and producing a Residence Permit.  All new household goods are subject to duty, which is determined by the customs officials. Your shipment must arrive within one month of your arrival and you must be present for your goods to be granted customs clearance. Most shipments will be subject to a physical inspection.

For removals to Dubai and other emirates, you may be asked to provide sales receipts, invoices or insurance papers for dutiable items to ascertain your ownership of the goods, period of ownership or their value. All cartons containing books, CDs, videos, DVDs and magazines must be clearly marked so they can be identified easily by customs.

Shipping to UAE: Documentation Required

We will require the following documentation for shipping to the UAE, to clear your goods through customs.

Passport (two clear copies)
Residence permit (or letter from sponsor indicating Visa has been applied for)
Confirmation of employment letter
Detailed inventory (original and two copies) – our removals team will produce this at the time of packing
Insurance certificate

Shipping to UAE: Restrictions / Prior Authorisation Required

All political and religious literature needs prior approval from the Ministry.
Plants and plant material require a Health Certificate.

Medication and foodstuff (subject to special approval and inspection by the Ministry of Health and must be packed separately)
Flammable or corrosive items
Exposed film or other valuables, stamp or coin collections of high value
Garden implements, outdoor furniture, golf clubs, tents, camping equipment, barbeques, shoes, bicycles and prams need to be cleaned thoroughly and be free of dirt, soil, grass food etc.

Shipping to UAE: Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited and must not be included in your removals to Dubai or other emirates.

Firearms, weapons and ammunition (real or ornamental)
Military uniform or equipment
Narcotics of all kinds including poppy seeds, flowers & leaves
Banned drugs and medicines
Transmitters, radios or communication equipment
Any items made out of ivory or related to endangered animals
All items manufactured by Israeli blacklist and of Israeli origin
Erotic statues/figurines, idols, made of any metal/clay/glass etc defined as offensive to Islamic teachings and principles
Pornographic, political and religious material which may be deemed offensive
Pork meat
All printed matter, books, pictures, records, films, tapes, slides, movies, videos, CDs, computer software etc are subject to censorship and confiscation (must be packed separately for easy access and clearly marked on the inventory)

Shipping to UAE: Importing Cars and Motor Vehicles

Used motor vehicles can be imported but are subject to duty (provided you hold a United Arab Emirates Residence Visa).  You will need to provide the following documentation:

Registration documents
Title or deed
Copy of purchase invoice
Certificate or origin
Copy of passport
Insurance policy
Proof of ownership
Residence permit

Please note that cars with tinted glass may not be imported.

Shipping to UAE: Pets

Pets can be imported into the UAE. You will need to obtain a health certificate, which we will forward onto the destination agents a few weeks prior to the arrival of your pet. The agents will then take the certificate to The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries who will issue an import licence. The original import license and heath certificate is attached to the Air Waybill that accompanies your pet.

Shipping to UAE: Useful Information

Electricity: The electricity supply in Dubai is 220/240 volts and 50 cycles. Socket type is identical to the three point British system. Adaptors can be purchased at any grocery or hardware shop.

Internet: For connection to the World Wide Web, Emirates Internet & Multimedia is the sole provider of Internet services through its UAE proxy server. Access to some sites is restricted. You can access Emirates Internet from any standard telephone line using a 56K modem.

Post: There is no house address based mailing system in the UAE. All post is delivered to the central post office and then distributed to centrally located post office boxes. It is also possible to rent a personal PO Box in the UAE.

Time:  GMT + 4 hours

Dialling:  +971


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